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Why Poems?

What the hell is a poem?

Those Moments

Let me cry

Walking Beside You


I Have Left

Evolution Of A Dream


A Few Words About A Word.

Spoken Silence #1



Spoken Silence #2

On Potter’s Wheel

Sculpted Tears


Lunar Love


The Rhyming Conundrum

Spoken Silence #3

The Stalker


Die Sweet Verse Die!

Spoken Silence #4

Delusions of Reality

Mystery Blogger Award- Acceptance Poetry Style

Coming Alive Part 1

Let’s Sail Away Love!

Change of heart

Coming Alive Part 2

Easy Pain

Trade Love


Hatching The Idea!

Nature, Magic!

I Am Running

Hold me

Help me Break

Devine Designs-Cee’s Black And White Photo Challenge

Poetry Preaches: Harmony

[in English and Hindi] Pain and Poetry दर्द और कविता

Poetry Preaches: Belonging

Coming Alive Part 3

Be willing Stupid

stumble, Tumble, RUMBLE!

Scheduled Await.(Tanka)- Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge AND UPDATES!

lost by Choice.

Poetry Preaches: Uniqueness

the silver lining

Apparent Apparitions

reject Peace


Enough, run.

Spoken Silence #5


My Precious!

Paused, for admiration.

a hint of You!




true perception!

better then, One!

The Killing Guilt (story)


won to lose!

Rain is God

back to back

Passing by.


climb high

let go…..

vice and ice

Enthusiasm (senryu)

pet the monster


let’s burn





final stupidity

hold still

piece of peace.

All I Wanted Was A Cup Of Coffee[short story]



Kaleidoscopic Psychosis

inevitable (Senryu)

Poetry Preaches: To Begin

Book Review: ‘The White Marble Burzi And Other Stories’ by Sharat Kumar


Claustrophobic Ambitions

Smile, Always!

blurred horizon

[short] Story Sunday #1

hate (senryu)

Valley of Expiation

===Sum Zero===

[short] Story Sundays #2

lus(t)cious lies

Choices, Freedom, Blah…

Story Sunday # 3: The Dawn Before Mahashivaratri

Earthy Path

[short] Story Sunday #4: Fallen, in Love

[short] Story Sundays #5: Hope

[short] Story Sunday #6: Freaking February.

Lost Steps

[short] Story Sunday #7: Duty

[short] Story Sunday #8: Phalgun

[short] Story Sunday #9: Drumbeats

Coming Alive (part 4)

Coming Alive (part 5)

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This blog is  for the love of Poetry, dedicated to Poetry.

This exists because of my love for Poetry.

Poems have had an incredible effect on my life, and poetry is one of the most important discoveries of my life.

I want to share and spread this love.

There is just too much chaos and disharmony in the world, i wish the God would look at this world and maybe say “……let there be rhyme.


Feel free to share your opinion, or maybe drop a query. Though i welcome and appreciate each and every comment, sticking to this blog’s content or poetry and literature, in general, would simply be less awkward, don’t you think?

(how’s that for an icebreaker. Wait. I hear you.)